Expert medical care right at your doorstep

Under the guidance of a qualified specialist geriatrician and using a multidisciplinary approach, we intend to bring back the age-old concept of family doctor for house calls, especially for elderly people with restricted mobility.

Advantages of choosing doctors from Jyeshtha Care:

  • Geriatrician Supervised
  • Team of Experienced and Qualified Doctors
  • Holistic Care
  • Multimorbidity Management


In the present pandemic scenario, we understand the worry that senior citizens and their families are facing while going to the hospital to visit their doctors or call the doctors for home visit.

With the advent of technology, we are here to provide you with video consultation by our experienced and highly trained doctors, with specific focus on elder care and their quality of life.

Are you prepared for the doctor visit at your home?

To ensure a smooth and comprehensive home visit by our doctor

  • Give a thorough medical history for proper diagnosis and management
  • Have all your doctor prescriptions and other relevant documents for the doctor to go through
  • Ideally some family member should be present when the doctor visits the home
  • Be comfortable and calm. The doctor is here to help improve your health status

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Jyeshtha Care’s doctors reliable?
Our doctors are qualified and have adequate clinical experience
Are the doctor visits supervised by anyone?
Doctor visits are supervised by Specialist Geriatrician.
How often will a doctor from Jyeshtha Care visit me?

The doctor visit frequency will vary depending on the patients underlying condition, their needs and the treatment plan.

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